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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a developing story in san jose. evacuation orders are being lifted as we speak after postal workers get sick handling packages containing an unknown powdery substance. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. fire trucks and police cars are just now pulling away from that scene near the courthouse at 105 near 1st street. close to james park. stephanie chuang joins us with details. good morning. >> reporter: the hazmat situation in downtown san jose has been called off just minutes ago. postal workers went back into
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the building. so what was that mysterious white substance? i'm stephanie chuang live with that coming up. >> all right. the investigation shut down light rail service for some time in that area. nbc bay area bay area traffic reporter mike inouye joining me now. >> we had roads effected by the activity. they closed off roads around the perimeter of the post office. the t flow from japan town station through the area, andretty much from the convention center to st. james effected by that. therwere delays, folks were getting by, buses athnd traic on market street causing some t additional slong through the s area. as the roadways reopen itop restores t flow. the vta service should be back s
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to ull serce through the area without any major issues as far as flow but could be minor delays getting everyone into the regular routes this afternoon. it is better news for the afternoon and evening commute. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. this just into the newsroom. we received a pictures of one of the people in the mass killing. this is one of five people killed last friday at a home in ingleside. police are offering no motive for the killing, but will say binh thai luc was one of the people in the killings. he served ten years in prison for a robbery of a san jose restaurant in 1996. the federal government tried to deport him to vietnam, but that country would not accept him. this morning, police investigating the second stabbing in two days at the occupy san francisco encampment.
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officers say an argument led to the attack in the financial district. during the argument, the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed a man in the neck. the victim suffered only minor injuries, but the suspect is still on the loose. this marks the second time this week somebody has been stabbed at the encampment at 101 and market street. sunday, a stabbing there left a 28-year-old man in critical condition. the suspect in that case also still at large. and today, a south bay community is coming together in the search for a teenage girl missing for a total now of 11 days. early this morning, big turnout there. nearly 500 lined up at burnett elementary in morgan hill to join search teams being sten out to try to find 15-year-old sierra lamar. nbc bay area bob redell is there at the reservoir in san jose, one of the places being searched. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. we are one of several groups
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that are searching for sierra lamar, a search expected to go on for six days. this party in particular is walking the thick et. you can see it lines the shore of the reservoir, a few miles from sierra lamar's home in morgan hill. this effort will focus on places never searched and those that investigators believe deserve a once over. even if they come up empty, at the very least searchers will eliminate places that could hold clues to the 15-year-old's disappearance. klaas kids foundation is organizing this effort with guidance from santa clara sheriff's office. the searchers themselves are all volunteers, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas from morgan hill, san jose, as far away as gonzalez an hour south of here. what's remarkable is that everyone here is a stranger to the lamars. no one we spoke with nose sierra or her family.
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>> i have a teenage daughter ready to go off to college. it is my worst nightmare. so i want to help. >> you know what, it could have been any of us. i mean, it could have been male or female. it doesn't matter the age. hope that someone would help me out if i got lost. >> i don't know the family, but i'm a mom and this is one of ours. >> you know, if it were my daughter, i'd want someone else helping me, you know, and it's just really -- as you can see the community as a whole, this is great that all these people are participating. >> reporter: a lot of people. people started showing up an hour before the doors were supposed to open at the search headquarters. more than 450 people have volunteered to find sierra who has been missing 11 days now. the klaas kids foundation has been briefing and training volunteer searchers what to do, what not to do. for example, contact a team
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leader if you stumble upon evidence. you can still volunteer. they plan to do this through sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the general time frames. show up at burnett elementary. you must be 18 years old. you want to bring id to prove such, and if you're out here, dress appropriately. long pants, sturdy shoes, that sort of thing. we spoke with mark klaas that runs the foundation organizing the search for sierra lamar, and whose own daughter poll ee was abducted and murdered. he was surprised at the turnout and offered up advice to sierra lamar's family. he said eat, get rest, and don't give up hope. bob redell, nbc bay area news. also this morning, parents on high alert in concord after a stranger allegedly tries to get two sixth graders in his car. >> purpose of this phone call is to ask you to remind your children not to speak with strangers in cars going to and from school. if a stranger bothers them on the way to school, they should
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tell the administration immediately on arriving at school and not wait until afternoon to report the incident, because they may have forgotten important details. >> that's the automated phone message sent to all parents in mt. diablo school district. according to that message, two girls at eldorado middle school told administrators a man in a black car stopped them on the way to school. the girls say they told him no and simply walked away. now to a developing story in san jose, where evacuation orders are being lifted after postal workers get sick handling packages containing an unknown powdery substance. fire trucks and police cars now pulling away from the scene, 105 north 1st street, close to st. james park there. nbc bay area stephanie chuang joins us live with all of the details. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, jon. as you can see the scene is different from an hour ago, it is all clear.
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the hazmat has been called off. turns out it was a misunderstanding of sorts. an older gentleman in san jose ordered an herbal remedy from taiwan, and that was the mysterious white substance that caused some of the postal workers to get a little bit sick. hazmat crews were able to determine it was not a hazmat substance and the san jose police contacted the man, brought him here to get the full story. that's what happened here. police had brought in at one time the bomb squad. it was a different situation. they used their robot to handle the suspicious package. that's protocol, of course. it began before 8:00 this morning when postal workers were sorting packages on the first floor. found a white powder in one of the seams, complained of headaches, started to cough up fluid, they were decontaminated, stripped down, washed, put into ambulances. more than 60 other postal workers were evacuated onto a vta bus for shelter in place. it resulted in a full blown
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response downtown with all aspects of public safety that tied up the area for a good two hours and a half. >> okay. thank you very much. a gruesome video recorded in a school shooting spree by a killer won't be shown on television. al jazeera says it won't air the video after the french president and family members of the victims asked it please not be broadcast. the video was sent to the company's paris bureau along with a letter, claiming the shootings at a jewish school in france were all carried out in the name of al qaeda. prosecutors claimed 23-year-old recorded himself shooting three children and a rabbi earlier this month. he was killed last week after a day-long standoff with police. and this morning, trayvon martin's parents demand a change in capitol hill, a forum going on, focusing on racial profiling and hate crimes. martin's parents attending, not expected to speak at the event,
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hosted by 13 democrats on the house judiciary committee. a florida teenager, martin shot and killed last month by a neighborhood watch volusia county, george zimmerman. zimmerman has been in hiding and has not been charged as yet, but now his friends are coming to his defense, saying martin initiated the confrontation, attacking zimmerman, breaking his nose, slamming his head against a sidewalk. >> from what i know, the bottom line was there was a life and death struggle in that instance, and someone was going to die. >> they killed my son, now they're trying to kill his reputation. >> martin's parents say zimmerman used racial profiling to target their son and followed him aggressively before the shooting. martin was not armed when he was killed. right now, hundreds of protesters outside the u.s. supreme court as justices hear the second day of argument in a landmark challenge to the nation's new healthcare law.
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nbc bay area tracy potts is live where the court is hearing a key issue in the case. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, jon. good morning. inside and outside, quite a scene. there are still lots of protesters here two hours after the arguments ended. in a moment, we'll show you a little of what happened inside. you can hear what the justices had to say. but the arguments outside, here outside the court have been going on since early this morning. demonstrators gathered hours before today's arguments. supporters insist getting shoorps under the new health law saved them from ruin. >> i get to keep my house, i won't go bankrupt, my kids are going to get to go to college, and i am going to live! >> reporter: opponents argue the government shouldn't force americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. >> what is tyranny in your country? is that when the government tells you what services you have to buy, even if they violate
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your religious us beliefs? >> reporter: several questioned if allowed, how far might the government go, mandating cell phones, burial insurance, gym memberships, food? >> everybody has to buy food sooner or later, you define the market as food. therefore everybody is in the market. therefore you can make people buy broccoli. >> justice ginsberg said it is not the same. >> it is not my choice whether to buy a product that keeps me healthy but something that i am forcing on other people. >> reporter: some think saving that law may hinge on justice kennedy who distinguished between regulating healthcare and regulating health insurance. >> do you not have a heavy burden of justification to show authorization under the constitution? >> reporter: legal arguments pitting the government's authority against the cost of staying healthy. that wraps up day two of these arguments. day three will focus on a couple
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things, medicaid, taxpayer funded insurance. this would greatly expand it. states, many of them, don't want to see that. the other thing is severability. what happens if part of it is upheld and part struck down. can the remainder of it stand. we'll hear arguments on that tomorrow. >> intense and intriguing, traci. thank you very much. one dead and at least a dozen homes destroyed as winds whip up powerful flames in colorado. we will tell you if a break in the weather will help the firefighters just ahead. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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lined up with their very own handmade etchposters. it was part of a two day fund-raising trip. next headed to irvine and los angeles where he is scheduled to appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno. rick santorum is also making appearances in the bay area this week. the event at alamo home of mark time thursday evening. president obama going on the record to clear up controversial statements picked up by a hot microphone. >> first of all, mike's on? because arms control is extraordinarily complex. the only way it gets done if you can consult, build a strong basis of understanding, both between countries as well as within countries. >> that comment was yesterday after mr. obama was caught on tape telling the russian
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president he would have more flexibility to deal with those issues after the election. opponents jumping over this saying the president was banking on a win to make secret deals on national security issues. also this morning, pope benedict on the way to what vanna, after taking off from santiago, cuba. earlier in the day, the pope visited the shrine of the virgin of charity. he knelt and prayed silently in front of the icon of the virgin before lighting a candle. speaking outside the sanctuary, he said he prayed for cuba's future. the pope will meet with raul castro, and widely speculated he will also meet with fidel castro. hundreds of people forced out of their homes and more under threat as wildfires scorch the mountains southwest of denver. so far, that fire destroyed between 15 and 25 homes. firefighters say they found a body late monday, but cause of
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death at this point is still not known. forecasters say wind gusts should be a little lighter today, which could ultimately help firefighters get a handle on this big time blaze. right now, that fire is burning five square miles of dry land. speaking of our weather, meteorologist christina loren says get your umbrella. >> that's right. showers are intensifying offshore. you can see it vividly from the radar picture here. they're going to continue to intensify through the next few hours and into this evening. you can see now a good batch of rain. it will reach oakland in 38 minutes. shower activity is ramping up, and will continue to do so through tonight. heavier rain between 3:00 to 9:00. that's when the moisture will come through the bay area. lighter showers after that. tomorrow, a few showers early, and some isolated thunderstorms are possible with a good amount
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of instability. also tonight, it is not only going to be very rainy, we're talking gusty winds in excess of 45 miles per hour from time to time. we could see downed trees, especially over santa cruz mountains where we expect quite a bit of moisture to come through. stop the clock on future cast at 3:00 p.m. look at the deep green and yellow moving into the area. we could get up to two inches of rain even in south bay cities like loss gat os. tomorrow morning, showers lighten up, we get a break, even some sunshine heading through the second half of wednesday. this could be three to four feet of fresh powder above 7,000 feet in tahoe. it works out like this. we have an interesting forecast. today, seeing the 60s, even with rain showers coming down. tomorrow, 63 degrees. sun out by noon, up to 68 by thursday. friday, take a look at that. we're going to swing the temperature up to 70 degrees, only to swing it back to 58 on
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saturday, with another round of rain early saturday into first part of sunday. we will get clearing sunday afternoon. that's the day for outdoor activities. monday finally kicks off a nice, dry pattern that lasts well into thursday next week. jon, break out the umbrella, make sure you have the shades for later this week. back to you. >> just like you, always do. swing into the sunshine ready for it. sins on the saints sidelines. the latest on the bounty scandal and new insight into who might be making play calls this year. plus taking some wind out of the american cup sales. why hope is now deflating as the race cruises.
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well, it's not what race organizers wanted but a key vote expected today on america's cup. they are holding a vote on a scaled back version of the event. original plans had teams building bases on piers 30 to 32. those were scrapped when negotiations broke down. instead, teams will be housed on pier 80 in dog patch neighborhood. exhibition races start in august. the main competition is set to be held next year. this morning, saints coaching situation is in limbo, but maybe not much longer. new orleans coach shawn peyton is meeting with bill par sells to discuss who will lead the team this season. parsells a super bowl winning coach that gave peyton his first nfl job. peyton suspended a year over the team's bounty program that played players for hurting their opponents. peyton is considering appealing that suspension. stanford cardinals on the way to the final four.
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this is after beating up on second seed duke in the fresno regional final. stanford looking for the program's first national title since back in 1992. the team gets that chance sunday against baylor in denver. we will be back after this.
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frmt. welcome back. look at the clouds. they are thickening up over the bay and in san jose. dark clouds are rolling in. you can see from doppler radar, showers are starting to intensify. you see a good batch of rain on the way to san francisco. we're talking about quite a bit of rainfall in the heart of the eveng commute, and not just the rain we're concerned about. in addition, we're simultaneously going to see gusty winds. we'll be seeing that bright pink and red, that's gusty winds moving through the area. we are watching for downed trees
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and potential for localized flooding. friday and saturday, another system moves through, that's only rain for the first part of saturday. a nice dry break sunday, john. so looking pretty good overall. we take you on a major swing this week in temperature. do you have a ticket? >> i have a ticket. >> you know what i am talking about. we are talking about the mega millions lottery, third largest jackpot. it is standing at $363 million. for the record, all time largest jackpot was 390 million in march, 2007. christina, you'll take the 363 million after taxes still pretty good. >> and come back to work the next day. >> sure you will. >> not. >> the retailer that sells that winning ticket gets a million bucks for selling that ticket. it is played in all sorts of states, dozens across the
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country. players pick five numbers and a mega number. you want to give me a slice of your ticket. >> give me 50 cents, we will go in it to win it. >> i like it like that. thank you very much for joining us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. and we're on buy your tickets! ev
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